MovieMaker: My Run

(via MovieMaker Magazine)

by Tim VandeSteeg | Published April 9, 2010

As an independent moviemaker, I understand that challenges and obstacles go along with moviemaking. You never know what’s exactly going to happen. The key is how you handle these ups and downs along the way. I live by my motto: Be powerful, be unstoppable.

I approach moviemaking and my life with what I call the “Rocky Balboa Attitude.” As long as you keep fighting and you don’t quit, you never fail. It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down, smacked around or beat up; as long as you don’t stay down you always have a chance to succeed.

Moviemaking is like a marathon and the story behind My Run is no exception.

Today, My Run’s journey continues as its screening within the festival circuit. In October 2009, the film had its world premiere at the Austin Film Festival and won the “Audience Award” for Best Documentary. In December, My Run won “Best Documentary” at the Mammoth Film Festival.

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