MovieMaker: 25 Festivals Worth the Fee

(via MovieMaker magazine)

by MovieMaker Staff | Published April 17, 2009

Now more than ever, with our country deep in a recession, coughing up the entry fees for a number of film festivals can be an unfeasible expense, so moviemakers need to choose wisely and target those fests that can offer a potential return on their investment.

But how can you choose where to submit? We searched the country (and our good neighbor to the north) to bring you a list of 25 of the finest festivals that are very much worth the fee.

Mammoth Film Festival: If you’ve ever longed to be on “American Idol for Moviemakers,” here’s your chance. A young festival rapidly growing in recognition and praise, MFF hosts a unique, elimination-style movie tournament where the audience chooses the winner. In 2007, its first year, the audience chose especially wisely by selecting Jon Dunham’s Spirit of the Marathon as its winner; the film went on to gross $1 million theatrically in just two nights. With the event set in Mammoth Lakes, an hour flight from L.A., and home to Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, it’s also a chance for Hollywood types to get away from it all–if only for the day.

(excerpts from both print and online editions of MovieMaker)