Walk In The Clouds

Walk In The Clouds
(Doug McMains, 11min)

“Walk In The Clouds” is a story in three chapters.

Chapter One (03:00 min.):
The film begins with a Voice over monologue by the Ranger (Robert Redford). Leo Kottke solo guitar music mixed over a lush background of ambient mountain forest sounds is behind the voice over. Visuals are striking still images of Glacier National Park. The Ranger describes, in his terms, what makes this park special to him. He touches on several themes very briefly, geology, climate change, wildlife and hopes it may trigger something in you, to go out and witness it for yourself, to Walk In The Clouds.

Chapter Two (06:00 min):
A distinct mood change. The Philip Glass Symphony Number Four, first movement “Heroes” begins. Visuals now are full color dramatic moving images of the park. There is no Voice Over. The visuals are showing all the things the Ranger was talking about previously. For six minutes the viewer in immersed in a wilderness dream.

Chapter Three (00:30 Min):
As the music and visuals begin to fade out the ranger comes back with a final statement about the importance of wilderness and the threat of loosing it.

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