Thus To Tyrants

Thus To Tyrants
(Joshua Smith)

On the most important night of his life, John, a nationally recognized stage player contemplates his life, the direction it has taken, and the experiences that have taken him to where he is now.

On the night of his birth, John’s mother sat alongside a bonfire, she asked God to give her a sign of what would become of her newborn son, out the the fire, the flames formed a single word, country. John has always looked back on that story and thought that he would help shape his country politically. His career did put him in the national spotlight, however it was not in the form of a politician, but as a performer of the stage.

When growing up John had always admired the great hero’s of literature, he thought that he could convey to an audience the bravery and honor of these men through his noble portrayal of them, but he feels that his attempts have been futile.

After a great deal of thought, the thespian arrives at the conclusion that the only way to leave his mark on his country is to stop portraying the hero’s he has always admired and take it upon himself to change an entire nation.

(Sharkwater was a special screening at the 2007 Mammoth Film Festival)

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