The Making of The Nutcracker

The Making of The Nutcracker
(Inda Reid, U S A, 89min)

The ‘Ballet Studio’ in Southern California, has trained some of the best ballet dancers in the country. Follow the journey of two attractive, young dancers who overcome various obstacles as they prepare to dance the romantic leads opposite each other in the annual production of ‘The Nutcracker.’ As the opening night draws near, Mr. Mark, the ballet School director and choreographer, leads our cameras through the rigorous process of casting, rehearsing and preparing the stage for his unique version of the most popular Ballet of all time. This film will take you behind the scenes, in the rehearsal hall, and ultimately onstage under the spotlights, in order to experience the honestly exposed triumphs, follies and heartbreaks of the dance world. This holiday season in sunny California, one learns quickly that The Nutcracker is not all that it’s “cracked” up to be.

Filmed on location, The Making of The Nutcracker features the remarkable students, parents, and teachers of “The Ballet Studio” as they rigorously prepare the stage for the ballet. Whether or not you’ve ever danced a step in your life, this passion-packed film is sure to inspire your soul and touch your heart.

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