Owl and the Sparrow

Owl and the Sparrow
(Stephane Gauger)

Tired of her uncle’s constant verbal abuse, a young orphan girl named Thuy (Han Thi Pham) decides to run away from her rural home to discover the streets of Saigon. On her own, the spunky and precocious 10 year old girl joins other children laboring as street vendors selling postcards and flowers. One day Thuy meets a complex woman she takes a liking to named Lan (Cat Ly), a flight attendant involved in an affair with a married man. Soon after, Thuy also meets Hai (The Lu Le), a zoo employee who is mending a broken heart after being jilted by his fiance. Anyone can see where this is going from a mile away, as Thuy strives to forge a romance between the 2 lonely adults and form a make shift family. But this is no ordinary matchmaking love story. This delicate debut feature from director Stephane Gauger is wrought with charm and sweetness. His characters are compassionate and fully three dimensional as they deal with the issue of urban alienation.

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